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Specialized Consulting

Part of Dance Box Theater's Resource Programs for Performing Artists

One-On-One Consultation:

These sessions are specifically tailored to help individual dance artists and the leadership of small companies to strengthen infrastructure and build a support network that makes creative practice possible. Some of the services for artists that Dance Resources can offer during a one-on-one consultation include:

- Review of grant proposals and marketing materials
- 501(c)(3) application assistance (IRS Form 1023)
- Mission Statement, Vision and Goals development
- Development of a realistic and unique fundraising strategy
- Creation and editing of work samples
- Assistance in writing about your work
- Guidance in collaboration and production administration
- Contracts and agreements with artists and partners
- Tech riders

One-on-one consultations provide specialized guidance in navigating the performing arts as a business-minded professional.

Fee: $50/hr

Group Consultation:

An economical way to access beneficial information for small performing arts companies. An intimate group of colleagues will receive a professional consultation aimed at identifying available resources, developing unique strategies and sharing useful tools that can propel an organization forward.

Fee: $70 +$10/person, 1hr

Dance Resource Board Session:

In these sessions, Dance Resource facilitators will work with organizational Boards to help them clarify their passion and identify news ways to engage and support the work of the organizations they serve. Dance Resource Board Sessions provide Board members with a unique fundraising training aimed at helping board members strengthen the support network for their organizations.

Fee: $75/hr

*Cancellation Policy: A $15 cancellation fee will be charged for appointments cancelled or changed with less than 1 business day’s notice.

For information about upcoming Dance Resource events, please Contact Us.